Theatre Workshops

Are you interested in theatre but never considered yourself an actor? Do you belong to a group whose members have interesting stories to tell? Then a Life Stories workshop may be right for you! Jean graduated from The Theatre Lab’s Life Stories Institute in 2014 and has been conducting Life Stories workshops ever since. She was trained by Deb Gottesman and Buzz Mauro, co-directors of The Theatre Lab and founders of the Life Stories method, who describe the method as follows: “Life Stories is founded on the premise that life choices can be safely, yet powerfully, brought into focus, examined, and re-envisioned through dramatic expression. The magic of theatre is that it tells the story of the human condition: emotions that draw together as well as those that separate us; events that alter a single life as well as those that alter a nation’s destiny; decisions that expose our demons within and those that reflect our most heroic natures.” Participants in Jean’s workshops report increased self-confidence, improved communication skills, and the ability to understand others more fully and clearly. Every Life Stories workshop is tailored to the needs of the particular group. Jean can provide anything from a one-time, two-hour workshop to a series of workshops that meet on a regular basis to a full-scale dramatic production. The following are testimonials from some of the participants in Jean’s Life Stories workshops:

Israeli and Palestinian Participants in New Story Leadership for the Middle East

“The workshops were amazing and added something new to my knowledge. I liked how we built stories together and developed our own personal stories.”

“I found the workshop very interesting and got to hear stories from my team members that I haven’t heard yet. Acting the story helps us understand the different interpretations and perspectives of the story.”

“The activity was great fun and it brought up a lot of personal stories that make people in the group know each other better.”

“I think you did a wonderful job leading sessions. Positive, empowering, caring.”

“The workshops encouraged us as a group and me as an individual to integrate in a creative way. Furthermore, it helped us to talk about the conflict by acting and it reinforced understanding.”

“These workshops gave me the chance to talk about stories that are very deep and close to my heart.”

“I really liked the workshop. It was a beautiful way to use art to help people get a wider vision of each person in the room. I liked the way I heard all the similarities and connections Palestinians and Israelis have.”

AmeriCorps Participants

“You were excellent and respect everyone and knew how to keep everyone entertained! Keep up the great work!”

“I loved it!”

“Everyone has a story to be heard, no matter how big or small. All of us have a purpose, and that is inspiring in itself.”

Students at Montgomery College

“Keep utilizing the drama exercises. This took me outside my comfort zone and made me a stronger woman.”

“I really enjoyed these exercises because we all had the chance to participate. It made the class fun.”

New Story Leadership for the Middle East, July 2016

AmeriCorps Project CHANGE, May 2018